Do you need a skipper for your sailing holidays in Croatia?


No problem, we can easily recommend one. Skippered yacht charter Croatia is your best choice if you want a relaxed vacation. When you plan to go sailing in Croatia with skipper, you can book one our yachts, then our skipper usually comes with the inventory of the sailing yacht. If you feel unskilled or you don't own a valid boat license, we will be glad to offer one of our professional and open-minded skippers.

That doesn't mean, that the skipper will tell you what to do and where to go - on the contrary - you will still be in charge of your itinerary, and every-day dynamics. Skipper is here to reasonably and objectively help you to decide about your sailing route, to estimate the crew's abilities and suggest the daily dynamics considering your wishes and of course - the current weather conditions. However, sometimes of course the responsibility overcomes the flexibility, and the crew has to be aware of that - especially when bad weather forecast is issued. When the nature wins, we still have to submit. It is essential to harmonize the crew's wishes for everyone to enjoy in this authentic voyage



What are the Sailing with Skipper in Croatia benefits?


  • No  check-in/out procedure - our skipper does that for you


  • Relaxed sailing holidays, with no worries regarding the route -  our skipper can advise your daily dynamics


  • 100% safety aboard - Skipper is all the time checking the weather conditions and maritime situation


  • He/she can recommend  great sailing areas, nice swimming coves, restaurants and highlights on your trip 


Who are our skippers?


Mainly, our skippers are professional guys and girls from the Adriatic coast, who know how to sail the yacht for you. Experienced and fully aware of the local weather conditions and with the knowledge of  the safe sailing areas, protected ports and marinas, they will guide you safely through your sailing tour. If you prefer, they can also suggest good domestic taverns and food restaurants along the route. They have the necessary knowledge to recommend your sailing tour tailored to your wishes. He/she will take all the responsibility considering your safety at sea, so that you can enjoy your sailing in Croatia with skipper.



What is the sailing in Croatia with skipper price?


Fee for the skipper at our Skippered charter Croatia ranges from 130€ - 150€/day, depending on the size of the yacht. The crew is also responsible for the skipper’s food and beverages aboard. This means that the food supplies aboard are always big enough to appease a hungry mouth. Skipper also needs to have their own cabin, so please bear this in mind when planing your sailing trip. Remember that rested skipper is a happy skipper. Please inquire for a skippered yacht charter Croatia.

Some of our extra offer on board itinerary:

  • Hostess 90€/day
  • Cook 110€/day
  • Extra crew help 80€/day